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Wine and Bikes in Maipú

11 Nov

Maipú, pronounced ¨My Poo,¨ was loads of fun, even if just for the name itself. It´s located about 45 minutes south of Mendoza in Argentina´s wine-making district. There was a group of six of us who ventured into Maipú on the local bus, making our way to Mr. Hugo´s where we rented our bikes. Fully equipped with baskets, brakes and gears, we peddled our way into the vineyards. We ended up only making it to two different wineries to sample wine, but the samples they poured were massive, and mostly reds, which for me is a guaranteed headache when consumed in the sweltering midday heat. I was very happy when we made our way to a beer brewery to order a tall glass of a cold frothy blond and relax under the shade. As you can imagine, the more we drank and the more the sun beat down on our heads, the more the ¨My Poo¨ jokes rolled off our tongues…

¨Maipú is hot!¨

¨There´s corn in Maipú!¨

¨I love rolling through Maipú on a bicycle!¨

and, of course, here is Miss Maipú 2011:

We also made it to a chocolate, olive oil, and liqueur tasting place where we sampled a variety of tapenades, sun-dried tomatoes, very potent flavored liqueurs, and of course, my favorite…chocolate. All in Maipú. The day was well spent in Maipú, and hopefully one day I´ll be able to return to Maipú for some more delicious tastings!

Susan from Amsterdam, me, Ross from Michigan, Vanessa from London, and Eli and Summer from New Zealand. The Maipú gang.

Riding bikes along the vineyards.

The many wines of Maipú.

100 year old wines.

Di Tommaso winery.

Sadly, Vanessa and I had to part ways after our awesome two week stint of traveling together. She made her way up to Salta, a northern region of Argentina, and I crossed back over into Chile with Susan and Ross, who I also had to part ways with. And now I´m on the road alone again…making new friends as I go. I love it!!!

Susan, me and Ross. Genuinely beautiful people who I was lucky to have spent time with.

And now I venture into the desert…